The Every Moment Method


Every Moment Football exists to make you more efficient; to turn two wasteful motions into one fluid motion; to re-program your awareness of the fastest, smartest way to play the game of football.   

Every Moment Football is about learning how many moments there are inside what you currently consider a moment, and using that awareness to control your actions with greater detail, in real time. We're attempting to stretch time. We're raising consciousness. Call it what you will, the goal is to take the average football play and experience it as thousands of conscious opportunities.

Quarterbacks are decision makers, and a great deal of focus in our work will be to train specific, situational decision skills, and the necessary physical speed, power and repetitive efficiency to execute the decisions to perfection.

My focus will be on delivering exact, specific coaching points in as efficient a manner as possible. I expect our relationship to be one where we can talk fast, listen fast and move fast, all at the same time.  

  • I expect you to consider; what a moment is, how many of them there are, and how much can we cram into each one.
  • I expect you to be early enough to be in your cleats, in weather appropriate gear, hydrated, and ready to start moving fast at the agreed upon time. Being late by a second is being late by at least a thousand moments.  

  • I expect you to ask questions. I want you to ask "Why?"  

  • I expect you to become an expert on my answers. If you disagree, I want you to tell me, but listen to exactly what I say, absorb it, and try to physically enact my advice on the next attempt.

  • I don't care about "Yes, Coach." I want to see you do it with awareness, enthusiasm and focus.


Ready to train with Every Moment Football

"Everybody has the same amount of time during the day.  You can either spend your time or invest your time."
"I don't think anybody has a ceiling.  Everybody can constantly improve."
"Our whole deal, why we're good, is because we're very, very focused on the process."  

- Chip Kelly